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Thermo Mirror

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the feverish of them all? Thermo mirror measures your body temperature just by staring at it.


myGrid: The Cordless Charger Mat

Forget the cord clutter in your desk! The new Duracell charging mat can charge up to 4 devices at the same time, just drop’em and go.

macbook air black_featured

The new Macbook Air

Inspired by iPad, Apple brings us the best of both worlds. Lighter, slimmer, faster and more powerful than the old Macbook Air, this is the newest member of the Apple family.

touchscreen gloves_menu

Touchscreen Gloves

Now you can use your gadgets even if its freezing outside without getting frozen fingers, with these gloves with wire inter-woven in fingertips.

Audi A9 concept_front

Audi A9 Concept Car: a Self-Repairing Hybrid

Daniel Garcia developed a hi-tech eco-friendly concept car with nanotechnology derived features.


Microsoft launches Windows Phone 7

Microsoft’s new platform comes as a breath of fresh air in the smartphone world, with its Live Tiles and a featureful user-friendly interface. Is it Windows time to rival the other smartphones?

spray on clothing

Instant clothing in a spray can

Manuel Torres has developed the world’s first spray-on clothing that can be worn, washed and worn again.

etch a sketch_front

Etch-a-Sketch iPad Case

This original iPad case was released in celebration of Etch-a-Sketch’s 50th anniversary.

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