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Thermo Mirror

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the feverish of them all? Thermo mirror measures your body temperature just by staring at it.

tedx_scott stratten

Keep Going Until We Stop (video)

“Being a big deal isn’t a big deal if we’re not a big deal to the people we care about.”, says Stratten.


Recycled Furniture

By the hand of designer Katie Thompson, old suitcases are now being brought into our household this time as unique chairs.


HangSavvy Hangers

An eco-friendly alternative to plastic or wire hangers, these hangers are created from recycled waste paper, but still they are ultra resistant.

star wars_feature

Star Wars Mania

5 Weird products to unleash your inner Jawa. May the force be with you!

apartment tokyo_front

Crazy Apartment Building in Tokyo

If you’re thinking this resembles four houses stacked on top of each other, that is because they actually are.


Retro-innovative embroidered pieces

Forget your old grandma embroidred lace tablecloths, this is the return of an old classic with a hardcore twist.

Mystic: the new Coke bottle

Mystic: the new Coca-Cola bottle

Designer Jerome Olivet drives us back to the future with this surprisingly original bottle design.

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